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Simply ID Card Software

Simply ID Card Software

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Simply ID Card Software

Included with your Simply ID Card System, our EXCLUSIVE Simply ID Software makes it easy to design, print, and manage an UNLIMITED DATABASE. Images and vital information can be imported from devices provided, or your own stored databases, and automatically placed into the card template. Similarly, cards can be printed in batches or individually on demand, such as replacing a lost card. Simply ID offers an UNLIMITED DATABASE & Network ability, unlike the competition. You will see why so many customers who made the initial mistake of buying elsewhere ultimately chose us!

*All software purchases are final! *CD Shipped is Blue & White Coloring.

*Any download purchases will take up to ~1 business day to receive email link. We have to manually verify the purchase and confirm. 

Do not expect an immediate download link after purchase. ~1 business day to receive email download link.

If you want to purchase an immediate download version go Amazon here:

Simply ID download and web only support version is perfect for existing users familiar with our software or IT / tech gurus that do not need software support. Any support is located on our page under Simply ID Software Support.  Webinars, FAQ's and about everything you need to get started. 

Since 2002 Simply ID has offered a robust ID Card Maker Software package called -  you guessed it, Simply ID*! We have had thousands of downloads and happy, loyal card software users over the years. Our ID Card Maker Software is ideal for student ID cards, construction site ID's, employee identification and other credential or identification badge uses.

If you compare the features we have at the price we offer you will see we blow away the competition!

​Rule 1- Let's Compare Software:

This is a HUGE difference when comparing systems. Our Simply ID Software allows for thousands of records and card designs. The competition? Oh..... they only offer up to 200 records in their basic systems. If you want to upgrade to our level that will add $400.00 or more. This is the most critical factor in comparing photo ID systems or id card software. We also offer 2 or 3 user network versions as well.

We offer our own in-house software that has been in business since 2002.

*Network version also available

Simply ID Software Specifications:

* Data entry and card designs are shown on an individual display, allowing for simple modification and viewing capabilities. Additional modules allow you to expand Simply ID® to a complete security and database management solution. 

* Comes with Barcodes and Barcode Fonts!

* Use with over the counter hardware like your plastic card printer, inkjet or laser printer, card laminator, digital camera or scanner. If you do not have the hardware, click on our photo id card systems section to view field tested turnkey systems.

* Design unlimited card formats. Import your company logo or other images. Add the provided barcodes or encode your magstripe cards. Also print multiple single sided and dual sided PVC cards at once (Batch Print). Associate a record with a specific card design.

* Up to 25 fields of data and 3 images can be saved for each record in the database. Added date fields and a user definable drop list can be populated. You can update or reissue id cards without that individual being present.

* Store up to 3 data images per record including signature or fingerprint images (Optional Scanner Hardware Required). Images and data information can then be verified by a card swipe or pulling up that data record.

*Store up to 15,000 individual records before needing to create a new database. (Based on i3 Intel Core Processor)

* Set up users within the software to restrict access to specific areas of the software or mandate a password to login.

* Software can be loaded on a network server or network drive. Purchase additional copies allowing for access to the database over a network. Verify record and picture information via record filter and an optional card reader.

* Optional Simply ID Tracking Module (You Tube Video Setup) $599.00 will allow for card swipe transaction information per card holder. Even swipe a driver's license or military card to automatically enter the cardholders information into the Simply ID database. It comes with the card reader and hooks up to your PC!

* Simply ID is one of the few software packages that can print to 3up pvc keytags!

* Images can be stored in a folder or in the database. 

* Images can be imported by knowing the name of the jpg image. This is great for using other programs like Lifetouch or Skyward.

* Software recommends 32 or 64 bit Windows 7, 8 or 10. (NO MAC/iOS).  

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