Simply ID Software Support

For support after downloading Simply ID software please refer to the Simple Tips Manual (click on link below) or follow the Simply ID FAQs: 



1. I lost my serial # or need Simply ID software how do I obtain a serial # or download the software?" 

If you purchased your software after one year of purchase and lost your serial # you need to purchase a new # and / or download

We do not give out serial #'s after the 1st year and please do not call us for a serial # as we will not be able to provide that for you.  

2. Program tries to install but hangs up at 100% while installing in Windows 7, 8, 10. 

ALSO: Program does not open when I click on it, just spins...

REBOOT FIRST THEN INSTALL. Disable your antivirus and/or firewall software. Nothing should be running including windows updates. Simply ID is trying to install fonts to your system folder. Another fix if you reboot and you still see this error then install in Windows Safe Mode.  Also Try to Install in Compact Mode. Compact mode seems to resolve this in Windows 8 or 10.  Another fix - Manually installed all the font files that are on the CD via the normal Windows font installer interface (right-click font then Install) and then run the compact install.

If program spins and does not open we seem to think it has something with Windows 7 or older operating systems. The only fix we know is to uninstall, reboot, rename simplyid folder on your c drive to simplyidold. Reinstall, reboot. Open program. If you need the database copy the simplyid.mdb file into new simplyid folder. Any card files are named the name you named it with extension .bag copy those into the new folder as well.  

3. "Is Simply ID TWAIN or WIA compatible? So I can capture "Live" Images Instead of Importing? "

NOTE: Once you download drivers below then in Simply ID click Take Picture-right click pic1-select twain source-select the driver. Then right click pic1 and aquire twain image. YOU MUST REBOOT AFTER INSTALLING BELOW OR YOU WILL GET A GREEN SCREEN!

Using Microsoft LifeCam Studio Camera for Live Capture

Download at bottom of this page Here:

Unzip then Copy the VideoDS.DS file you download to your C:windowsTWAIN_32 folder.
Restart PC.

UPDATE:  A TWAIN driver utility for is available at AKOND.NET and lists camera support. Specific Microsoft Life Cams and Logitech Web Cams on list. This will give you the ability to capture images live through Simply ID with a web camera from Logitech or Microsoft. 

4. "Picture on left side of data screen is on top of text entry"

Change the Windows System fonts from large or medium to SMALL. You can do this in the display settings or start/control panel/fonts in Windows.

5. "Asking for a database password with Simply ID?" 

You must Administrative Rights to the PC: AND YOU MUST RE-BOOT AFTER INSTALL!!!You MUST have Administrative Rights or rights to the simplyid folder in order for our software to operate and install properly. Again, re-boot after install this is very important.

6. "Unable to import a logo in Simply ID"

Open your logo in Microsoft Paint and save it as a .bmp file. Now import the logo.

7. "How do I install Simply ID on a network drive?"

Choose custom when it asks on the install process and choose area on network. If you already have Simply ID installed then you will need to get out of Simply ID. Move it (simplyid.mdb file) to the location you want then go to windows/control panel/admin tools/odbc data sources/ click system ini tab highlight simplyid and click configure then go find the database where you moved it by hitting select and hit ok.

Always remember the card file designs are saved in the Simply ID folder as .bag files either on the C drive or network drive.

8. I get an error message in Simply ID "Error loading image from file!" what can I do to resolve this?

Your image is not saved as a true JPEG image, you can test this by trying to import your image in Microsoft Word. If the image does not open then you need to open the image in Microsoft Paint or some other image program and save it as a JPEG or JPG.

9. "Errors Using Simply ID Database."

Unable to Connect to User Database or other Errors on a Fresh Install" 99% of the time the user does not have Microsoft Admin rights. Grant Admin rights to the simplyid folder. If you are getting errors after installing Simply ID for the first time you did not reboot after the first installation- 1. Uninstall, 2. Re-boot 3. Rename the simplyid folder on the c drive to simplyidold 4. Install from CD or download and the errors should not exist.

Administrative Rights to PC: You MUST have Administrative Rights or Admin rights to the simplyid folder in order for our software to operate properly.

10. Program tries to install but hangs up at 100% while installing. 

Disable your antivirus and/or firewall software. Simply ID is trying to install fonts to your system folder. Another fix is to install in Windows Safe Mode or install in compact mode. 

11. Card design issues under high resolution (More than 1280 x 1024):

Your screen resolution must be set to 1280 x 1024 or less. Operating at a higher resolution will make designing on the edge of the card more difficult. A work around is to design the element in the middle of the card then move it to the edge of the card after design. Simply ID 5.1 addresses this issue. Go to help/about in Simply ID and see what version you have.

PVC Card Printer Help


If you have a Eltron/Zebra P210, P310 or P420 card printer and are experiencing problems review our FAQ's below or visit Downloading the latest firmware and drivers resolves many issues with Zebra's card printers.


If you have a Fargo card printer and are experiencing problems go to or call 800-459-5636.


If you have a Magicard printer and are experiencing problems contact (877) 236-0933 or

12. I cannot view Simply ID help file (simplyid.hlp)

See Microsoft download link to resolve. This is a microsoft issue help file issue. 

Windows 7

Windows 8.1 - 10 (Windows 10 does not offer this help file anymore. Reference our Simple Tips Manual (link at top of page) or See these FAQ's here:

FAQ's for Simply ID Software | Systems | Legacy Answers to Older Versions


1A. How do I design a portrait card with the 2 or 8up laminate paper? 1B. How do I map the pic 1 in the picture viewer to the card? 1C. How do I change the database field labels? 1D. How do I put objects on the card like my logo or put static text onto the card? 1E. My picture image looks distorted on the card or in the picture viewer, how do I change this? 1F. How do I layer items on the card?


Go to file/new card and choose CR 80, LANDSCAPE, 2 or 8 cards per page Click ok. After the card is in place you must rotate every object on the landscape card 90 degrees. You can do this by right clicking the object and choose properties then 90 degree rotation. Make sure to adjust the image box size for images by clicking on the box and stretch out to the desired size.


Double click on the card and use insert DB Image, choose pic 1. Click OK. Adjust the box size by clicking on the box. Next click the picture viewer button and double click pic 1 Import from Image (JPEG or BMP) or select a TWAIN source camera. If you are using a TWAIN camera then double click pic 1 again to acquire TWAIN image from camera. This will save the picture with that record.


Download our latest version. Once installed click view/display tags and make your changes accordingly.


Double or right click the card in a blank area and all the object fields will come up like insert text, insert db text, insert image, etc... Next double or right click that object to change the color, change properties or change font. Adding a logo use insert image and double click the box, to add static text you always want to have on the card use insert text and then edit the properties by double clicking. In the properties you can add the text. Many people use this feature to add a title to the card like "ABC Plumbing".


The picture will look distorted but prints out fine on the card. If you want to adjust the size of the picture click on the picture box on the card and expand the box.

1F: Simply ID 3.0 allows this feature. Right click and choose properties. You can layer by adjusting the draw priority to 0-255.

2. How do I adjust my printout for the 2 up or 8 up card paper with my inkjet or laser printer? How can I put a "poor man's hologram" or a 1D hologram effect onto the card with the P210, P310 or P420 PVC printer?

Many inkjet or laser printers will print differently due to their resolution. You can adjust the print settings by going to file/print options. TO GET SMALLEST SPACE SETTING OF THE CARDS USE 1. 0 DOES NOT WORK ON VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL SPACING OF THE CARDS ON 8 UP AND WILL NOT SAVE. You will need to adjust the margins and spacing accordingly. Here is a sample setting for a HP 4550 Color LaserJet for 8 up:

15.00 for Top Margin 20.00 for Left Margin 22.00 for Horizontal Spacing 18.00 for Vertical Spacing

Here is a sample setting for a HP 4550 Color LaserJet for 2 up:

30.00 for Top Margin 64.00 for Left Margin 1.00 for Horizontal Spacing 42.450 for Vertical Spacing

First we recommend printing out the 2 or 8 cards on regular paper then viewing through light the 2 or 8 up card paper with the 2 or 8 cards you printed on regular paper. Adjust margins from that. Another tip is make sure you designed your card using the file/new card and choosing the Standard CR 80. If you designed it as CR 80 edge to edge you will need to pull items on the card more inside the card design but CR 80 Edge to Edge works great with 2 up. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE MARGIN SETTINGS AND WRITE THEM DOWN!

3. My barcode is not reading, what can I do?

Use Code 3 of 9 Standard not Code 3 of 9 Full ASC also change the ratio for the barcode to 2:1. Numbers will only work for this barcode like 1234567 not john doe. Next we recommend first seeing what type of barcode format and barcode your reader will like. Next, make sure that the checksum is checked if you use a checksum and the ratio is set to 3:1, 2:1 or 2:5:1 for the barcode. Adjusting the barcode height to 50 or such may help as well. The foreground and font color must be black (0,0,0) so right click the barcode to make sure this is correct. The background may also have to be white. Adjusting these settings fixes the issue most of the time. If not please contact your time & attendance rep for the proper barcode format.

Some readers require that the barcode be printed in carbon or resin black. If you have an Eltron or Fargo printer make sure that black or resin black is being used. Some readers will not read barcodes printed from inkjet printers. These K resin settings are located in the printer driver.

4. How do I batch print cards using the Simply ID Card System, Eltron or Fargo printer?

Go to the first record in the database or the record you want to batch print from. Next go to file/print options and see that 1 card per page is checked and check enable batch print. Choose how many records you want to print from the drop down list box. Click ok. Next go to file print and begin to print cards.

5. How do I batch print cards using the Simply ID Laminate Card System, inkjet or laser printer?

Go to the first record in the database or the record you want to batch print from. Next go to file/print options and see that 2, 6 or 8 card per page is checked or load your print saved settings from the load button. (You have to adjust margins in order for the cards to be aligned). Click ok. Next go to file print and begin to print cards.

If you designate 8 cards to a page it will print all 8 records on the first page. If you designed a 2 sided card it will print all front cards for the 8 record holders on the first page and all back cards for the 8 record holders on the second page. Go to the next record after the last record printed and repeat the process by clicking print.

6. How do I install Simply ID as a User under Windows 2000 or XP or 7? 

1) Log in as an Administrator then grant the user administrator privileges. (You many need to contact your network administrator to activate this). 2) Switch to that user and install the Simply ID software. 3) Switch back to the administrator and revoke administrator privileges from that user.

7. How do I setup users within Simply ID 5.0?

You first must purchase Simply ID 5.0, next go to File/Admin options to setup a user.

8. How do I install the Simply ID Signature Module? 

Make sure you enter your serial # that came with the signature module when installing the Simply ID Software. If you upgraded to a signature module just enter your serial # in the help/about of Simply ID. Next put the Signature CD into the CD drive and click on the USB folder. Next click on the setup. It will walk you through the installation. Make sure you check install the wintab driver. Next plug in the signature pad. You may have to go back into the CD and click on the setup under the USB folder to finish the installation. 

If you click on the picture viewer and right click Pic 2 in Simply ID the signature pad should be enabled. If you can't write from the pad we recommend clicking on the setup under the USB folder in the signature CD to finish the installation. You should see a variety of drivers being installed. If you can write then the pad is operating normally. Rebooting helps "reset" the signature pad drivers. Runs under Windows 2000 and XP only! If the pad is sluggish 

9. How do I encode a magstripe card with Simply ID? 

First your printer needs the magstripe encoder. If you bought a system with an encoder then you are ok. You also need magstripe cards that need to go into the printer towards the back (If you are facing the front of the printer the magstripe is down and away from you).

Go to file/new card and check the enable magstripe encoding. Once your card is setup. Double click the black stripe on the card design. Choose which Track you want to encode. For example we want to encode the static # 1234 then the data field FIRSTNAME on Track 1 and the same on track 2 then 1234 SSN on Track 3.

Check Track 1 then for Text 1 type in 1234. For data source 1 choose Text 1 then for data source 2 choose First Name. For track 2 Check Track 2 then for Text 1 type in 1234. For data source 1 choose Text 1 then for data source 2 choose First Name. For track 3 Check Track 3 then for Text 1 type in 1234. For Data source 1 choose text 1 then for datasource 2 choose SSN. Make sure your printer is set to encode in the printer properties and that all upper case is used for the data when entering this data. Example JOHN DOE. This may sound confusing but it is quite simple. If you have any problems email us at Contact Us and we will be happy to walk you through it.

10. I purchased the tracking module and would like to configure the ID TECH reader, how can I configure the card reader?
You can totally customize the ID Tech swipe read by coding information to the reader through Notepad or MS Word.

Some Suggestions:

The reader is delayed on the card swipe so we recommend changing the factory settings. Go into Notepad(Start/Programs/Accessories/Notpad) and type this code in hitting enter after each entry. All settings are located in the Tracking 

/e/d/fb (Hit Enter) b2 (Hit Enter) 0 (Hit Enter) bz (Hit Enter) 

This will speed up the reading speed.

To disable returns after each magstripe track read,

/e/d/fh (Hit Enter) h4 (Hit Enter) n (Hit Enter) hz (Hit Enter)

To disable Track 3 (Recommended since the tracking mode will not operate properly if data is empty in track 3).

/e/d/fd (Hit Enter) h1 (Hit Enter) d (Hit Enter) dz (Hit Enter)

11. I have about a 1500 records and everything seems to be slowing down, when printing what can I do?

Purchase our latest 5.1 or higher version above to resolve the slowness. Once installed click view/database optimizer. Click optimize. This will compress the images to JPEG format. You may lose some image quality on the pictures but your database will be smaller. Also if you click the go to record filter button and filter the database by the records you want to print it will print faster. To reset the filter go to record/reset record filter.

We ALWAYS recommend backing up the SimplyID database before trying to do any of this just in case something happens that may delete or corrupt the data. It is always good practice to back up your data daily or weekly. Click file/backup database or make a copy of the entire simply id folder usually located at c:/SimplyID

12. How do I print Edge to Edge with the Simply ID Card System, Zebra, Magicard or Fargo Printer?

Go to file/new card and choose the Oversized and 1 card per page. After card setup, go to file/print options and change margins for 1.59 top margin and 6.40 left margin.

You may have to still adjust card sizes and change margins, etc... for many printers depending on resolution and card design.

13. How do I save a card? How do I save and use multiple cards?

Design your card by going to file/new card and follow the setup. After you have customized your card go to file/save card as and save the card in the Simply ID folder. Repeat this process for the other cards. When you want to use a card click on file/open card or click the open card button on the top left of the tool bar. All cards are saved so you can use them for future card processing.

14. Where is my database information in Simply ID stored? How can I protect my database with a password?

Simply ID stores all data information in the simplyid.mdb file located in the Simply ID folder. Default location is C:SimplyIDSimplyID.MDB. You must have MS Access 2000 or greater to open this file. We do not offer support for Simply ID if you modify or change the SimplyID.MDB file.

If you have Microsoft Access 2000 or XP loaded on the same machine you can add a password to the simplyid.mdb file. Go into MS Access and choose file/open. Open the SimplyID.MDB file located in the Simply ID folder. When choosing to open the file click on the open button (right side) and choose open exclusive. Click on tools/security/set database password. Now when you go into Simply ID it will ask for the user name and password that you set.

15. How do I import existing data from a database into Simply ID?

5.0 or Greater Version: Simply ID 5.0 has many awesome features on importing. The ease of use plus the ability to import images from a subfolder that you have already created is possible. This is perfect for Lifetouch and Skyward software users. We recommend purchasing 5.0 or greater to harness this power. You can import just like 4.0 or 4.1.

Or you can tailor your .csv file with the name fields for your data mapping and it be name of the jpg images. Use the auto import to import the jpg images from your subfolder. Go to file/Import Database then import. Example: You use first name and last name for the images Ex: JohnDoe.jpg, next choose the data fields first name and last name when checking auto import. It will import the images based on the field names you set!

4.0/4.1 Versions: You must have Simply ID 4.0 version or greater and go to file/import database after you setup your .csv file and image subfolder (if you need to import images) described below. Your data must be in a .csv file and you must have the same file heading in Exhibit 1. FYI- Help for this is located in Simply ID at help/help topics and choose the import database topic in the index. This will describe in detail on how to import in 4.0. The importingdata.csv file has the first record with the data field structure.

Textual Data:

Your text needs to be in a .csv file using MS Excel. We recommend using this importingdata.csv file in your simplyid folder. The header or first row must match EXACTLY like exhibit 1 for each column. (See Exhibit 1 below for each column to say Field 1,2,3,etc…). All of your data in the specific fields will go below that specific column. Field 21 is dedicated to the card file and should not be used. Field 22 is dedicated to the auto number. Field 23 and 24 are dedicated date fields. Field 25 is dedicated to the user list and should not be used. Also if images are imported, those image file names must be listed under Picture 1 for each record.


Next the image files must be located in a folder within SimplyID with the same name of the .CSV file and _Images. importingdata_Images if using the importingdata.csv example. If you have a different .csv file name then the subfolder in Simply ID would need to be the name of the .csv file and _Images. Next put all of your images in this sub-folder _Images. Finally, add all your image names under the picture 1 column in the .csv file so it knows what images to import for each record.

Exhibit 1: Proper 1st row column structure

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6 Field 7 Field 8 Field 9 Field 10 Field 11 Field 12 Field 13 Field 15 Field 16 Field 17 Field 18 Field 19 Field 20 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Field 21 Field 22 Field 23 Field 24 Field 25


Key= Key Field which is auto generated by Simply ID Field 1= First Name Field 2= Last Name Field 3= Address 1 Field 4= Address 2 Field 5= City Field 6= State Field 7= Zip Field 8= Phone Field 9= Fax Field 10= Email Field 11= Dept Field 12= SSN Field 13= Comments Field 15= Field 15 Field 16= Field 16 Field 17= Field 17 Field 18= Field 18 Field 19= Field 19 Field 20= Field 20 Picture 1= Picture1.JPG Picture 2= Picture2.JPG Picture 3= Picture3.JPG Field 21= Field 22= Auto Numbers Field 23= Issue Date Field 24= Expire Date Field 25= User List

Importing Using Microsoft Access 2000 or greater

You must use MS Access. All data is stored in the SimplyID.MDB file (table 1) located in the Simply ID folder. You must use MS Access 2000 or XP. Access 97 will not work. We do not support importing data and recommend having someone at your organization that is familiar with MS Access to do this. If you go into Simply ID and it does not open properly with errors then the data table structure has been changed. We recommend you only import data into the proper fields.

DO NOT change columns or modify the table in any way. We recommend removing Simply ID and ALSO removing the SimplyID folder if you do receive errors. This will wipe out all data and card designs. We highly recommend backing up the entire SimplyID folder on a regular basis or before you import data so you do not lose data or card designs.

16. When I enter the Simply ID program, it stays in the toolbar and does not open, what do I do?

Right click Simply ID in the toolbar and click maximize. The Simply ID program should now open.

17. I designed a card and my logo disappears when I print, what do I do?

Purchase 5.0 or greater version.

18. My logo or other objects disapear when I print a 2 sided card or a 2,4,6, or 8 up card layout. How do I resolve this?

This is resolved by purchasing our 5.0 or greater version.

19. How do I print a "report" of an individual or create an 8 1/2 x 11 dossier sheet of an employee? 

You can do reporting if you have MS Access 2000 or XP and open the SimplyID.MDB file (Table 1). If you want to print a sheet with individual information and photo for their employee file we recommend creating a new large card and putting their data and picture on the card. Go to file/new card click custom and use the settings 279 x 215 mm. Adjust the margins accordingly in file print options to line up with the page.

20. How do I remove the word "DEMO" from my purchased Simply ID software? 

First you need administrative rights to enter the serial # and erase the word DEMO on the card. Go to help about and click Enter serial #. Next enter the serial number (caps must be applied to lettering). Hit ok and exit out of Simply ID. Go back into the program and the word DEMO will be removed. If it is not removed then you do not have Admin rights on that machine and you will need to get your network administrator to enter the serial # described above.

21. What are the different card dimensions for particular cards and how do I design that size? 

First make sure you have paper that is designed for your card size or a printer that handles that particular card dimension. Design a particular card in Simply ID by going to file/new card choose custom for a custom size or use CR80 (Credit Card Size) or CR80 (Edge to Edge) for PVC card printers. Below are some dimensions for a landscape card. Reverse settings in the custom setting for a portrait setup. Larger cards bigger than credit card are used on inkjet or laser printers specifically.

CR80 (Credit Card Size for Credit Card Laminate Pouches)This is good for our 8up paper. Use CR 80 Standard or 1 1 15/16 in x 3 1/16 in or (49 x 78mm)

Government/Military Size Cards 3 7/8 in x 2 21/32 in or (98.5 x 67.5mm)

Large Cards 3in x 4 in

22. A. Why does the Simply ID demo keep installing when I click on the simplyid.exe file when I downloaded the demo? B. Why does Simply ID perform an illegal operation on my first saved card? 

A. When downloading the demo file do not save it in a folder called simplyid. Instead save the program on your C: Drive or a temp folder. If you have not done this uninstall the program and save the file as recommended and re-install.

B. Design a new card again and save it again. You should not see this error.

23. Where can I purchase Keytags for my PVC card printer? How do I design a 3 up key tag with Simply ID? 

You can purchase the 3up pvc keytags at our store

24. How do I print a edge to edge colored cards with a pvc card printer in Simply ID?

Go to file/new card and use the oversize card or if you have already designed your card go to view/card properties and change the size to oversize. You may need to adjust objects on the card and move them in on the card design. Also you may need to adjust your margins by going to file/print options then view the card by going to file/print preview.

25. My pictures look grainy or deformed in Simply ID using the Logitech Camera?

Simply ID 5.0 resolves this issue with the Snap to Aspect feature.

Simply ID 4.0 allows you to edit an image with a crop box. Right click the picture and choose edit image/crop. Next draw the box in a portrait style and click "crop". Now those crop settings will be remembered. Adjust the image box on the card to reflect the new crop settings so it will not be deformed.

Logitech captures their images in a landscape mode using live view. We recommend adjusting the box size on the card to a landscape box or cropping the image in portrait style mentioned above. If you decide on landscape then highlight the picture box on the card and then pull the box width out or adjust the box size bigger to a landscape look. Please note the images may print out different and look better than on screen. We also recommend that your display settings on your computer are set to 16 bit or higher and 800 x 600.

26. The database and printing seem slow when I have a database over 500 records, what can I do?

Purchase Simply ID version 5.0 or greater.

27. I install Simply ID from CD or Download and when I click on the Simply ID desktop icon I get a database password message box, what do I do?

QUICK FIX: You did not reboot after installation as the program asks to do so. Uninstall, reboot then re-install the software will resolve this issue.

Under Windows XP SP 2, it seems our database does not connect via ODBC on rare occasions. To resolve this we recommend re-installing Simply ID (You can insert the CD or run the download and choose Repair). After the program has reinstalled, please REBOOT your computer in order for the connection to take place. Another option if that does not work is to uninstall Simply ID by choosing remove (from CD or download install), then remove the SimplyID folder on your C: Drive then reinstall and REBOOT.

28. I would like to have a default card style show up in Simply ID when I go back into the program how do I configure this? I would like to associate a card with a record how can I do this as well?

First all of the card designs must be saved in the simplyid folder on your c drive or where you installed Simply ID. If the card styles have the same layout (all portrait or all landscape and all same size) you can assign a card to a person. Go to view/ card file settings. Highlight the default card you want to use, then click update all. Click Load Card in Card File List for each record. Click ok. Now that default card will always come up when you go into Simply ID. Now you will see the Card File (3rd data field on data entry side) highlighted. You can choose from the list of cards in the card file data field (drop down list box) and it will now associate a card with a record and remember that particular card for that person. Again the card style has to have the same orientation for this to work. If they are not the same setting then in the view/card file settings use the same card file for all records or use this if you just have one card style you want for everyone.

29. I get an error message in Simply ID "Error loading image from file!" what can I do to resolve this?

Your image is not saved as a true JPEG image, you can test this by trying to import your image in Microsoft Word. If the image does not open then you need to open the image in Microsoft Paint or some other image program and save it as a JPEG or JPG.

30. I have designed a card with a solid background color but some white is showing around the card, what can I do to resolve this?

Go to view/card properties and change the card layout to Oversize. You will need to move the objects on the card to look correct on the new larger layout.

31. How do I mask a barcode so it cannot be copied?

Use the Insert Filled Box and use a dark grey or dark color. Next use Insert DB text and choose your data field you want to use for the barcode. Right click and choose the font and use any Wasp barcode font listed in the fonts directory. Example: Wasp 39 M. You will also need to adjust the font size to 16 or greater and stretch the box so the barcode shows. Place barcode over box. Your data field must have * at the beginning and * at the end of the field. Example *12345*. This is required in order for the barcode to read through a barcode reader.

32. How do I encode my magstripe cards for the time and attendance systems?

Instructions for setting up Simply ID Software to use Time and Attendance System with Magstripe Encoding.

Setting Up a Card w/ a Magstripe

Start Simply ID Software, click on File, select New Card. This will bring up a window called Card Setup. Leave the selection for Badge Size at Standard CR80 (Edge to Edge). Under Orientation you can select either Landscape or Portrait, whichever type of orientation you would like for the card. Under PVC Printers Settings make sure to select Enable Magstripe Encoding, then select ok to continue.

Next you will see a window called Select Fields To Include, now you will need to select the fields you want for your card. After you have the fields you would like selected click on Done to continue.

Setting the Magstripe Encode String for Track 2

Next you will see the card image on the right side window of the software, you will then need to right-click on the magstripe on the back side of the card image. It will bring up a drop-down window, select properties, this will bring up the Magstripe Setup window. Make sure to select Track 2 under the Track options, then under the Encoding drop-down select Magicard (Or select Eltron if you are using an Eltron or Zebra Card Printer. If you are using a Fargo printer choose the Fargo selection). Under Data Sources select the Source 1 drop-down and make sure to select Field 15 for the encoding, then click OK to complete the setup.

Adding the Badge # in the Simply ID software

Click Add Record and for field 15 you must begin the first record with 001 for field 15, 002 for Record 2 for field 15, 003 for Record 3 for field 15, etc...

We do recommend printing a couple of cards and testing the cards with the time and attendance system before proceeding with batch printing for your company.

Now you have the software setup to use the Time and Attendance System.


You can also watch the video below for more information.