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We are a Colorado corporation that is more than just a website. Our foundation is based on years of identification wholesaler experience.
We employ a id software development, technical sales and customer service staff for our customers.
Simply ID is a web site of  Software Solutions Supply, Inc.

Company Contact Information:

Simply ID is a registered trademark, web site, software and D/B/A of Software Solutions Supply, Inc.
TOLL FREE: (866) 588-3737 
INTERNATIONAL: (970) 335-9045 
EMAIL: support@simplyid.com
Sales M-Fri:   8 to 5:00pm MST 

Company Mailing Address:

*If you would like to set us up as a vendor with your organization feel free to  email us a W9. 
Please make checks payable to Software Solutions Supply, Inc.

*If you need our mailing address please contact Sales & Support and we will provide that information to you.

Product Information:

* If you do not see a product you are looking for on our web page feel free to email us. We are confident we have what you are looking for. We sell over 100,000 different id related products. 
* We should be the lowest price for any item you are looking for, if not please let us know!
* Specifications and prices to systems or items can change without notice due to discontinued items or sudden prices increases.
* All warranties are passed on from the original manufacturer.

Purchase Order / NET Terms Information:

* Purchase orders or NET terms may be accepted or rejected by Simply ID. Any first time order over 200.00 requires prepayment or credit card. Future orders may be considered for NET terms moving forward.     

Credit Cards:

*We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. All prices online are based on ordering online with a credit card. Prices will vary with special or phone in orders. 


*We also accept your company or personal checks. Please contact Sales for our mailing address information.
* Minimum $75.00 order required. 
* Billing and shipping address must be the same that was stated to your credit card company. 
* Shipping total will show in the shopping cart. 


* Sales tax will apply for any orders from customers not tax exempt and  based on the shipping address of items. You will be responsible for the consumer use tax or other tax in your state if you are not tax exempt and if your state collects sales tax. 

Return & Warranty Policy: 

*Any approved returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. 

ALL sales may be considered final so please contact us if you have any questions regarding an item. Software that has been opened or downloaded will not be returned. Any exchanges do not include free shipping and will be billed appropriately. All pricing subject to change without notice. 

Warranties (if any) are passed from the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have their own warranty policy depending on the product.

Our Information & POLICIES

Simply ID®: Gets a 5 star rating from many of the customers below:

Since 2001, it is hard for us to post all the thousands of happy folks from Simply ID!!! We have been around longer than most in our industry. Some competitors like to have their sales associates ring a "sold" bell when they sell a system. At Simply ID we are not driven by sales commission or a symbolic "comp" bell- We are driven by the satisfaction of our customers.  

Simply ID® services a variety of customers throughout the United States and Internationally directly or with our sophisticated resellers channel. With over 30 years of identification experience you will be pleased with our products and service.

While distribution of  turn-key ID systems and our Simply ID® software is a big part of our business, Simply ID is also an ID Solutions company. We are a company that is more than a website or an order desk. We provide software development, technical sales and a customer service staff for ourcustomers. Simply ID is your ID Solutions Partner.

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Many Churches or Worship Centers 
Church of Rocky Peak
First Baptist Church of Lithia Springs
First Baptist Church of Snellville

Ford Motor Company Divisions
Nucor Steel
Media Services
Fremantle Media

MGM Studios
20th Fox Studios

Non-Profit Services
Make A Wish Foundation
American Red Cross
Ford Foundation
Air Force, Government, Police, Fire Departments
Abington Police Department 
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Birmingham Water Works Board
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Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Loves Park Fire Department
Miami Police Department
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USAF Bases
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Yorkville Fire Department

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Alabama State University
Devry, Inc
John Hopkins University
Orange County School District
Rio Rancho Public Schools
San Bernardino City USD
San Juan College
University of Colorado

More than 18 holes when it comes to servicing golf courses! 
Ask us we can provide a few courses for you. 
Waterville, USA
YMCA Across the USA!!!!

Adam & Eve LTD (Bahamas)
Cellular One (Bahamas)
School of Prague (Chk Republic)
TDP Informatica E Territorio (Italy)



RULE 1-  Let's Compare Software:

This is a HUGE difference when comparing systems. Our Simply ID software allows for thousands of records and card designs. The competition? Oh..... they only offer up to 200 records in their basic systems. If you want to upgrade to our level that will add $400.00 or more. This is the most critical factor in comparing photo ID systems. 

We offer our own in-house software that has been in business since 2001.  

Rule 2-  Let's Compare Price:

If you compare systems on price you will see we offer a better price with more value. Check to see if the ribbon print and cards are the same quantity. 100 print ribbon or  300 print? 100 cards or 500 cards? Digital camera quality? Most competitors sell a low resolution camera with 2 MP quality. Our cameras are 1080 HD quality. Software limitations? We mentioned that above... If you add all the items up in our systems you will see we blow away the competition. 
Rule 3- Let's Compare Card Printers: 

There are over 20 name brand card printers on the market today. The competition will sell any and every printer.  Instead of focusing on YOU the customer, competition focuses on the sales volume. Do you want that in a vendor? We have seen printers come and go over the years but we only sell card printers that are reliable, dependable and value driven. The systems we provide are the best around since our employees began selling systems in 1995.  If you do not see a brand on our site there is a specific reason. Remember to compare the printer model you see at other stores with the printer model we offer. Vehicles can offer a wide range of features and so do card printers.  

Rule 4- Let's Compare Service:

Many competitors claim "lifetime" warranties or support. Do not believe this fable. Printers are backed by manufacturer warranties. Once the warranty expires you need an extended warranty to cover parts and labor. A lifetime warranty will not cover this. Print-heads eventually will go out on card printers and when they do they will cost you $400.00 or more to fix. If you need support you can call us and we will provide the answers you need 10 years from now to solve your issue. 

Finally- Let's Compare Quotes: 

If you need three quotes remember to compare the three quotes "apples to apples" with the four rules in mind above. This will eliminate buyer remorse in the long run. Remember Simply ID when you need a quote, you will be glad that you did!​​

Lifetime Warranty?

Many competitors claim "lifetime" warranties, but.... 

1. Will they be around for a lifetime? 

2. Will your print head be covered on the card printer after the manufacturer warranty expires in two to three years? 

3. What fine print rules are there to be eligible for this warranty? 

4. Will the camera you purchased with the system be covered after the 90 day or 1 year warranty expires from the manufacturer?

Simply ID has been around longer than most so do not be fooled by the so called lifetime warranties you see on the internet. Print heads will go out on a card printer and they will cost you $400.00 or more when they do. They will not be covered after the manufacturer warranty expires in two to three years unless you have purchased an extended warranty which costs extra. 

That lifetime warranty? Read the fine print and more than likely the print head is not covered. 90% of card printer related issues and the bulk expense of a card system is the print head. The camera? See what "lifetime" warranty is on the camera. More than likely it is only covered for warranty limitation from the manufacturer. 

We still service and support our first customers since they purchased in 2001.  You can call us and we can give you the support answers you need to know even if you bought 13 + years ago from Simply ID a D/B/A of Software Solutions Supply, Inc.

Lifetime Promise

Free System & Software Setup 
Any Simply ID Systems above include up to 2 hours (online, email, phone or web support) 
FREE training. 

Lifetime Troubleshooting & Email Support
Our ID experts will help you troubleshoot printer related issues and direct you to the best possible resources during the lifetime of the printer. 

30-day Phone Support
The first 30 days after purchase Simply ID includes FREE phone support. You'll have direct access to our ID experts for technical support & troubleshooting expertise on any software or ID card printer related issues.

Lifetime Printer Repair Coordination
If your printer ever needs to be sent in for repairs, Simply ID will coordinate the repair or card printer resource processes (repair or shipping charges may apply).

Warranty Education Service
Every card printer comes with a manufacturer warranty that covers parts & labor for 1 to 3 years. Simply ID will educate you on your printer coverage and provide resources for any loaner printer coverage during that printer warranty period.   

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